Sleep and Settling

Is your baby or toddler irritable or grumpy? Do you worry that they are not getting enough sleep? Let me help you understand your child’s sleep cues and ways to help them learn to regulate and meet their sleep needs.

I do NOT use methods that leave you or your child emotionally wrecked. Rather, I will provide you the tools you need so that you can guide and support your child toward managing sleep independently. I believe a gentle, sensitive, nurturing but consistent and persistent approach achieves this.

This means, no controlled crying or cry it out style of sleep training.


Private Consultations in your home


90 Minutes, best for reviewing or clarifying settling already being used.

$210.00 Monday to Friday daytime,

$270.00 evenings/ weekends



3 Hour visit, great for first visit, wanting time to practise settling together

$420.00 Monday to Friday daytime,
$540.00  evenings / weekends.
Email/ text support for 3 weeks following initial consultation.
Travel charges may apply, will be discussed at time of booking.


Overnight Stays

$950.00 midweek nights 5pm -6am
$1250.00 Friday or Saturday night 5pm -6am


Interstate/ Long Distance stays

1- 1/2 day stays $ 1800.00 plus travel expenses.

Skype or phone consultations

Skype consultations

1 hour of conversation and discussion that allows you to see a real person without leaving home. A great way to access support if you are not close to other services. Or perhaps, you just need an opportunity to talk through your current situation and problem solve together.
Includes follow up support via text/ email for 2 weeks
Cost: $120.00

Phone Consultation

1 hour of phone contact to discuss your needs and explore options that you might like to try.
$80.00 per call for initial consultation. Maximum duration is 60 minutes.
Additional phone support $50.00 per call. Maximum duration is 60 minutes.